“Thank you for your help with drafting my estate planning documents. You made the process so smooth and captured everything that was important to me. I did not like thinking about my estate but I am so happy to have this finally completed so that my wishes will take place. “

– E.S.


“Allison is a great lawyer – she manages to balance a mastery of the subject matter with approachability, respect, and professionalism which is hard to come by.”

– L. V., Milford

L.V., Milford

“”Floman DePaola has been doing our latest contract work for (client’s business name), and is an expert attorney in the digital space for businesses. I have know Allison since her childhood, and am highly impressed with her knowledge and depth of understanding of the many intricate facets of law for businesses negotiating the digital realm. She is extremely professional and a delight to work with on these sometimes long and arduous contract terms.” “

– Chris B.

Chris B.

“I couldn’t ask for a better attorney while going through the expansion of my business. They are extremely knowledgeable lawyers who always make temselves available to help clients. Their close attention to detail shows in the quality work they produce. They are always upbeat and friendly which makes any interaction we have a pleasurable one. They have exceeded all of my expectations, and goes above and beyond everything asked of them. I recommend them highly to anyone looking for an experienced and reliable attorney. – February 21, 2012 “

– Bob Ruffolo


Bob Ruffolo

“Working with the entire team at Floman DePaola has proven to be a smart decision! Not only have I trusted Floman DePaola with my personal needs, such as when closing on my home, but I have brought them in to help with my new small business, contacting them for all questions and concerns when I was setting the business up and now developing client contracts. What Floman DePaola brings is a backing of years of a successful practice and a innovative new group of attorney’s a winning combination. I highly recommend Floman DePaola for both personal and professional needs! – November 22, 2009”

– Lisa Antonecchia

Lisa Antonecchia

“Floman DePaola are professional yet understanding attorneys. I hired [them] to help me with estate planning. This is a very difficult area which [they] handled with great expertise and compassion. I am grateful to start a professional relationship with such outstanding attorneys. “

– Mary Caruso

Mary Caruso

“I am very satisfied with the estate planning services provided by Floman Depaola. They were timely, professional, and nice! Thanks!”

– S.L., Orange, CT

S.L., Orange, CT

““Steve – our meeting today was very productive for me and I particularly appreciate the fact that you could see me so quickly. It is a relief to have a clear path set with regard to the [homecare program] and to dealing with home care agencies in general. Thank you for introducing the idea of the trust and for your educated estimate of the potential risk vs. benefit. I appreciate your candor and timely recommendation. You have been more than helpful. It is reassuring to know that I can call you should other issues arise.” “

– C.D.


“Floman DePaola was absolutely wonderful to work with. Their knowledge and expertise combined iwth the ability to go beyond the call helped my short sale to be completed without issue. I really appreciate that they took the time to answer any questions and were willing to work after hours to make sure the sale would go through. Even during the final stage of making sure all the paperwork was completed correctly, they were willing to work on the evening of New Years Eve and responded to me in the wee hours of New Years day! They also worked incredibly hard even after moving out of state. Long distance? No problem! I couldn’t ask for better service. They also worked incredibly well with my realtor, mortgage company, and the buyer’s attorney to expedie the sale. I would totally recommend Floman DePaola for anyone’s real estate law needs. Simply fantastic!”

– J. H., New Haven

J.H., New Haven

“”[They] did everything to make things easy and were always just a phone call away for all our needs. That was the best part. I would tell anyone that this office would be very good for all things that an attorney would be needed””

– J. D., North Haven

J.D., North Haven

“”Thank you Steven for the clarification of these letters. You have been such a tremendous help to me with my Mother’s estate I never would have gotten through this by myself.””

– C. S.


“”The entire staff was very professional, courteous, and knowledgeable with any questions or concerns that come up during the closing process. They were very prompt with returning my phone calls or emails when questions came about prior to the closing. When I arrived for the final closing I was welcomed into a very friendly environment where I felt very comfortable. During the closing every piece of paper that was presented was explained thoroughly and the staff made sure I understood every aspect of the mortgage, fees, insurance, etc. As a first time home buyer I would absolutely recommend this firm to anyone I talk to about buying a house. I was nervous already being a first time home buyer, but working with Floman DePaola I felt more comfortable.” “

– M. M., West Haven

M.M., West Haven

“Allison and her staff were extremely professional and attentive every step of the way – always on top of deadlines and following up consistently with all parties. Their professionalism made an otherwise overwhelming process a stress-free and enjoyable one. I highly recommend her and her team. “

– J. G., Branford

J.G., Branford

“I would recommend Allison to anyone who needs an attorney for real estate. It was indeed a pleasure to have appointed Allison as my lawyer. She is very professional, and very organized. She answered all my questions with details so I can understand. As a first time owner, I couldn’t find any better lawyer as her. In couple words: “She is the best””

– E.H., Stratford

E.H., Stratford

“Dear Attorney Floman, I can’t be it has been seven years since our move to VT. The subsequent sale of our home in Plantsville, CT was our opportunity to personally thank you for your help with that specific transaction…. I would be remiss if I did not formally let you know how much we have appreciated your advice and counsel over the past fourteen years. It was always reassuring to know you were just a phone call away to answer any question/concern I may have had…. Again, R. and I cannot thank you enough for the guidance, assistance, and legal counsel you exercised on our behalf. “

– V. G.


“We were extremely satisfied with our experience. Allison made us feel at ease during the purchase of our home. She was extremely responsive and always made herself available to answer any of our questions. We would highly recommend Allison DePaola. “

– J.P. and B.F., Wallingford

J.P. and B.F., Wallingford

“Allison and the team did a great job. I couldn’t ask for a better attorney do handle my closing. “

– M. K. , Milford

M.K., Milford

“Great service. Very professional. Quick and courteous.”

– R. P., Orange

R.P., Orange

“Allison was direct and knowledgeable. She answered my questions with understandable responses. I recommend her highly. I received friendly greetings from the staff. “

– E.H., Milford

E.H., Milford

“You made the process very easy and did it all on such short notice to accommodate us before our vacation. We were able to go away with piece of mind knowing that our estate plan was complete. “

– E. R., Orange

E.R., Orange

“Everyone was always very attentive to our needs. Also, Allison was very patient with all of my questions and with how long it took us to finally get things signed off. I would strongly recommend her for Will and Trust services. “

– E. A., Northford

E.A., Northford

“I had a wonderful experience with Floman DePaola. They explained everything and worked around my busy travel schedule to keep the process moving along. Very pleased.”

– S.G., Milford

S.G., Milford

“I was an out of state client. Allison and her staff made the experience for me very easy. They are extremely professional, courteous and responsive. I would definitely recommend them for any legal services that they offer.”

– P.L., Venice, CA

P.L., Venice, CA

“Excellent service! You made everything so easy, simplified the process, and you always responded very quickly to my questions and emails. “

– S.F., Milford

S.F., Milford

“You’ve been a pleasure to work with – you make things easy, you are very detailed, and you explain things in simple terms so that I can understand. “

– M. R.


“I was very happy with the service provided. Everyone seemed to be on top of things and made things run smoothly for me. I was impressed by the communication and how involved Allison was in my closing process versus just her paralegal. “

– S.N., Hamden

S.N., Hamden

You’ve been incredible. I don’t think I’ve ever seen an attorney as involved and proactive as you’ve been. It’s truly impressive and hope we can work together more in the future.”

– P.P., Milford

P.P., Milford

“Allison was extremely professional, empathetic, and prompt. She was knowledgeable and made me feel comfortable giving her her control of my closing. Additionally, her staff was focused on customer service and was a pleasure to work with. I would highly recommend using them as I will use them for my next closing. “

– M. N., North Branford

-M.N., North Branford

“I can’t say enough about Allison and the staff of Floman DePaola. Our needs were met by an outstanding and professional group of people on something so important to us. We were more than satisfied with the handling of our situation and would highly recommend the firm to anyone in need of an attorney.”

– S.M., Wallingford

S.M., Wallingford

“Wonderful attention to detail, and our questions were always answered promptly!”

– M.W., Milford

M.W., Milford

“Thank you for your patience and understanding. That is very important to people like me!”

– H. R., Orange

H.R., Orange

“Allison DePaola and her staff of Staci, Lori, and Shari were amazing. They were always friendly, knowledgeable and attended to all of our house closing needs in an expedient manner. This firm went above and beyond to help us get the deal we wanted.””

– B. S., Prospect

B.S., Prospect

“”Staci is really wonderful…so nice…a real pleasure to work with! And when I first called and spoke with Lori, she was so reassuring. She’s very calming and gave me a lot of confidence that I had made the right choice calling you. Thanks again for all your help!!!” “

– C.P., Orange

C.P., Orange

“”This closing went so smooth with Allison, Nicole they were great. thank you so much for everything. The staff was very friendly you could tell that they know what they are doing.””

– M.A., Milford, CT

-M.A., Milford, CT

“I am most thankful for the friendly staff and the professionalism of those I have encountered “”

– J.S. Milford, CT

J.S. Milford, CT

“I cannot thank you enough for your help and support over the last few months. I came to your office on a referral from an attorney I used many years ago. I could not have been more pleased with your professionalism, your knowledge, your calmness when I was not. More so, you somehow taught me to stay calm and allow the process to move forward. Purchasing a house, and selling a house was our first time and while one was smooth the other had some twists and turns, you kept it all together and got us through the process, from my husband, my father and I, thank you again, and we wish you well.”

J. T., Orange

J.T. Orange

“Floman DePaola are great attorneys!”

– E.P. , Orange

E.P., Orange