It’s time to send the kids back-to-school! Do your college-age children have the proper legal documents in place?

  • Planning for adult children. Your children are now 18 and going off to college. It is an exciting time where they will have their first experience with independence. As you plan for your children to start school, move away, and begin this new chapter, have you even wondered what would happen if your child had a medical emergency? Now that they are over 18, you have no legal right to talk with their doctors or receive information about care they are receiving. This could quickly become a nightmare for most parents!
  • Health Care Instructions (AKA Living Will). Having your adult children sign Health Care Instructions appointing you as their Representative, will allow you the legal authority to be involved in medical decision making and speaking with doctors on your child’s behalf.
  • Power of Attorney Instrument. Independently managing finances for the first time can be a daunting task for young adults. Having your child appoint you as their Agent will ensure that you can easily assist with their finances, or step into their shoes if they were unable to manage finances for themselves.
  • Ensure you are not left in the dark. By taking the easy step of having your adult child execute these documents before going off to college, it will provide the family with peace of mind and the ability for you to be involved in health care and financial decision making, in the event that your child ever faces a medical emergency.